Two Israelis just created the coolest educational technology out there

by Leah Rosenberg

Well, Israel has done it yet again. They have created something to better the world. This time, it is in the field of educational technology.

Educational Technology

Educational technology is helping people learn things in different ways. Years and years ago, none of this existed! Technology did not exist! Education was completely different. But with the changing times, sometimes education needs to change as well. Everyone learns differently, and not all technology is bad. Technology can be used for the good, and this Israeli educational technology company is showing that. Just take a look at all they are doing.

Yogev Shelly and Oren Elbaz have truly done amazing things with their company TinyTap. The world should be thanking Israel for all their contributions!

Israel is Changing the World

Israel is changing the world in so many areas. In technology, medicine, education, and more. Such a tiny country is making such an impact. Sometimes the world is blind to that. People want to boycott the Jewish state. People want to destroy it. So many are clueless. They do not realize that without Israel, the world would be lacking greatly. If you really think about the fact that the modern state of Israel has been around for only 70 years, yet they have accomplished things beyond comprehension, you would never want to boycott them. They are a state that stands for hope and democracy. Freedom and resilience. Love and peace. And those who choose to boycott Israel are boycotting all of these ideas and values.

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