What the popular hashtag #FreePalestine actually means

by Leah Rosenberg

Twitter is a popular way to spread ideas. Using hashtags grabs the attention of social media users and pulls them in – even when the idea is misleading.


Twitter can be used to spread love, and it can also be used to spread hate. And either way, it is extremely effective – which can also be extremely frightening.

When Iranians create a Twitter campaign to support Israel, it is a positive way to use this popular social networking site.

But when people all over the world, including Hollywood stars, are using twitter to spread the hashtag “Free ‘Palestine,'” they are spreading hate. So many are uneducated and have no idea what message they are sending. These people demonize Israel without knowing the truth. They have no idea who is actually causing the conflict in the Middle East.

What Does “Free ‘Palestine'” Mean?

Who is really occupying “Palestine?” The ignorant and anti-Semitic world thinks Israel is oppressing “Palestinians.” The media shows heartbreaking images of Israelis killing innocent children. And it is all completely false. Whoever creates those pictures takes them out of context, and they do not portray what the IDF is actually doing. These images do not show the true way in which Israel deals with “Palestinians.” Israel gives them the opportunities that their own leaders do not give them.

Hamas and Fatah are controlling “Palestinians.” Fatah is the political party that the “Palestinian” Authority identifies with.

Both these organizations take away their people’s basic human rights. They force innocent civilians to be at the front lines of war so that they can claim Israel kills innocent civilians. They brainwash their children with ideas of violence and hate.

So if people actually care to “Free ‘Palestine,'” they should stop blaming Israel and start realizing who “Palestinians” really need to be freed from – and that is the terrorists who claim to represent them.

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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