Israeli startup stuns the world with an invention that beat 210 entries in counter-terror contest

by Phil Schneider

When people think about counter-terror measures or devices, one generally thinks about unique weapons such as drones or cyber-measures. But often the most important counter-terror measure is a life-saving medical invention. Urgent medical care is often all about seconds. This invention makes sure that the most important people are treated first in any mass casualty situation.

A matter of seconds

Any cardiologist or emergency room doctor will tell you that every second counts when it comes to people in heart distress.  The problem in mass casualty situations is that it is so difficult to quickly assess a situation.  When each second counts, anything to bring order and quick diagnosis to the situation is crucial.  This Israeli invention takes care of that issue.  It allows first responders to quickly analyze the heart health of the wounded.  That allows them to focus on the most dangerous cases first.

Mass Casualty Attacks in Israel

Unfortunately, Israel has experienced many mass casualty attacks and battles in wars.  It is typical Israeli ingenuity to think of ways to save lives based on prior experience.  Many note that the Start-Up Nation is driven by the vast experience of the Israel Defense Forces.  Israel has been in a constant state of fighting war and terror for 70+ years.

This invention is just one of so many things that Israel should be proud of.  So many things that Israel creates enhance the entire world.  But there are a few categories that Israel truly stands out in.  One of them is bio-engineering devices.  There are probably thousands of disabled people in the world who are able to walk due to the Made-in-Israel re-walk device.

What we have seen thus far is nothing compared to what we will see in the future decades.  Israel continues to invest heavily in everything cyber.  In addition, Israel under Prime Minister Netanyahu has freed up the private sector which allows more hi-tech companies to grow and prosper.

Big tech Hypocrisy
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