Sheikh gets schooled by a Jew on Arabic TV in ARABIC!

by Avi Abelow

Professor Mordechai Kedar is amazing. He is an expert in Islam and the Middle East, and he is fluent in Arabic. Nobody nails it like Dr. Kedar against the Sheikh.

This Muslim Sheikh had no clue whom he was dealing with. He spewed the lie of the Muslim/Arab world that “No person in his right mind can doubt that “Palestine” belongs to the Arabs. No historian can doubt that “Palestine” belongs to the Muslims.”

His line sounds so simple, and so many people believe this lie. Yet his opponent used one fact after another to crush this false narrative. In addition, he exposed the sad truth of the Muslim world for all the Muslim Al-Jazeera viewers to see.

It was a clear knockout for Dr. Kedar over the Muslim Sheikh. For all those who care about the truth, it is a beautiful site to see. Don’t miss the video.

Dr. Kedar Highlights

“We were in Jerusalem more than 3,000 years ago when the forefathers of Islam were drinking wine and booze.”

“We were in Jerusalem worshiping the one and only G-d while you were worshiping idols in the Arabian desert.”

“Even Jesus, son of Mary, was born Jewish and lived as a Jew (in Jerusalem).”

“The palestinian Arabs should raise their hands in praise to Allah and thank him that their problems are with the Israelis, and not the Syrians, the Russians, the Iraqis or the Egyptians and not with any of their so-called “brothers.”  We all know how they have treated them.”

No Peace to Give

Israel can’t make peace with the Arab world because the Arab world can’t give peace.

“You have no peace to give. There is no domestic peace or foreign peace in the Arab world. Look what is going on between Sunnis and Shiah, Kurds and Arabs etc.”

“We would love to join an Arab peace, but first make peace within yourselves.”

“The Arab world is a failure. The Islamic nation is a failure. Who wants you?”

“We (Jews) live in an advanced country. We live in a democracy.”

“If Israel were to open its gates to the Arabs, half of them would enter on the first day and the rest would enter Israel on the second day.”

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