What the media isn’t telling you about Gaza and its “peaceful protesters”

by Michael Sax

The media is portraying Israel as murderers who are harming “peaceful” protesters. What they aren’t telling you is that these “peaceful protesters” are burning thousands upon thousands of tires to create thick smoke so that Hamas can breach Israel’s border, set up bombs on Israel’s fence, and much more. AND they are using human shields. Why is Israel not allowed to defend itself from terrorists?  Want to know the truth about the “peaceful protesters” at the Gaza border? Take a look and see.

Video Text

Hamas incites riots at border to attack Israel. Hamas burned 10,000 tires to create a cover of smoke. And used mirrors to blind Israeli troops.  Under cover, Hamas terrorists:
* Tried to breach Israel’s border.
* Placed bombs on the fence.
* Shot at Israeli troops.

Hamas used rioters as human shields in a battle with Israel. In the confusion, a Palestinian journalist was killed.  Here are the facts:
* The journalist had flown a drone over the battlefield.
* Hamas intentionally put Palestinians in harm’s way, embedding terrorists with civilians, and covering the battlefield with smoke.

Hamas’ plan is simple:
1. Incite a violent riot.
2. Make it hard for Israeli forces to see.
3. Attack Israel’s border.
4. Get human shields killed in the crossfire.
5. The media demonizes Israel.

The media is lying. This is not a peaceful protest. This is a terrorist-led riot to attack Israel.

Commentary on Terrorist-led riots

This is not a peaceful protest. This is a terrorist attempt to break into Israel with the purpose of killing Jews. Israel, like any other nation, has the right and duty to protect its borders and keep its citizens safe. These are not “peaceful protesters.” They are violent bloodthirsty terrorists who need to be stopped. And the “journalist” was also a terrorist.

How long can the media spin them as “peaceful protesters”? The truth is coming to light and the video evidence proves it.

Dr. Risch

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