What Really Happened With the IDF Attack on Rafah

by Leah Rosenberg

The media loves to propagate lies against Israel. And it’s no different in the case with Rafah. When they can try to blame Israel, they will.

IDF Attack on Rafah

It happened with Shifa hospital, it has happened throughout this war against Hamas, and it’s happening now with Rafah. When any event happens where so-called “innocent” civilians are killed in Gaza, the world blames Israel without investigating. And then when it has been proven that Israel was not at fault, no one cares to correct it. And even if media outlets do try to correct themselves, it’s too late. The lies against Israel spread quickly and viciously.

Will the world listen up? The IDF targets terrorists – not innocent civilians. Yes, civilians sadly have been killed. But aside from the fact that most Gazans support Hamas, which makes them guilty, any civilian death is solely the fault of Hamas. The IDF is the most moral army and goes to great lengths to protect all innocent lives.

The world should listen to Yoseph Haddad. He is not even a Jew! He himself is an Arab! But he is an Arab who see the truth and fights for the truth. He stands up for Israel because Israel represents the good and moral side.

Israel is the only country that is questioned for every move it makes. It is the only country that is criticized for defending itself against literal terrorists. The same organization (the UN) that has a moment of silence for the death of the Iranian president – a vicious terrorist himself – is also condemning Israel for everything. If the world can’t see how twisted that is, it has completely lost its moral compass.

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