What Really Happened in Wuhan: The Covered up Truth Now Officially Exposed

by Phil Schneider

The Wuhan Lab, partially funded by the United States taxpayer, is almost definitely the source of the coronavirus that has led to millions of deaths around the world. That is the startling conclusion of this excellent documentary. The most senior members of the United States Administration during the coronavirus outbreak all know this. The heads of the United States intelligence, the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, and even Donald Trump, all basically say the same thing – all of the evidence points to the Wuhan lab. This of course brings up major questions on multiple levels.

First off all, why was the United States funding this dangerous lab? Did Dr. Fauci know about this? Was the lab leak intentional? If the United States and China had some level of partnership in this lab, why did the United States not know of the lab leak when the outbreak occurred. Was the cover-up intentional?

The questions are more plentiful than the answers. But more than anything, this documentary serves as a very convincing argument as to the fact that the outbreak of the virus was not via the wet market in Wuhan, but via the Wuhan lab. For more than a year, CNN and other mass media outlets argued incessantly that the Wuhan lab leak argument was a conspiracy theory. But with every passing day, it is becoming more and more apparent that the lab leak theory is by far the most logical cause for this horrible pandemic. This conclusion further strengthens the arguments of those who claim that this pandemic’s cause, and the treatments that have been touted or rejected are also part of a litany of conspiracies. Over time, it will become more clear what is truth and what is fiction. But one thing is clear – the coronavirus was properly coined as the China Virus by the ex-President.

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