Israeli Doctors Reconstruct Injured IDF Soldier’s Jaw with 3D Printer

by Leah Rosenberg

Wow, using a 3D printer to rebuild the jaw of an injured Israeli soldier? This seems like fantasy! But it happened.

Doctors Use 3D Printer to Help Injured Israeli Soldier

This is absolutely miraculous! A soldier was shot in the jaw during a dangerous operation in Jenin to try to capture terrorists. In order to help rebuild the soldier’s jaw, Israeli doctors used a 3D printer to be better prepared for the complex surgery.

A face injury is no simple thing to fix. But technology nowadays can be used for the good – for the VERY good. Thank G-d, the operation was successful. As said in the video, this soldier is an IDF hero. He nearly gave his life defending Israel and the Jewish people.

Why Would Anyone Boycott Israel?

Why in the world would anyone want to boycott a country that accomplishes awesome feats like this one? It is truly shocking. Those same “human rights” defenders ignore China, Syria, Russia, North Korea, Iran and others. And then they go ahead and protest countries like Israel – a country which is using technology for the good, which stands up for the rights of all humans; a country which is a democracy. It is absolutely mind-boggling that “human rights” organizations don’t care about the truth. Or they do, and they just ignore it. Which they should be ashamed of.

One day, hopefully soon, everything in the world that is upside down will be right-side up. And all those who were confused about the truth will be woken up. It will happen.

Col. Kemp

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