Amidst Global Uncertainty, Israel Pivots To Russia

by Micha Gefen

PM Bennett met for the first time with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the latter’s house at the Black Sea resort of Sochi. They discussed working together, building closer ties, and Iran.

Perhaps the most important message of these talks, is the reiteration of the special relationship Russia has developed with Israel. This message was designed for the Biden administration and the purpose is quite simple: “If Israel cannot trust America to support its needs against Iran, then it is time for the Jewish State to search elsewhere for trusted allies.”

This can already be seen Israel drawing even closer to India and making overtures to Japan and Taiwan.

For years, Putin has worked at trying to bring Israel into Russia’s fold and for years Israel resisted. Despite the resistance, PM Netanyahu had always kept good personal relations with Putin. Now that Bibi is out, PM Bennett is attempting to do even more. It appears Israel its UAE partners are trying to pry Putin away from Iran and in exchange the two Middle East powers will move into Russia’s orbit.

If it works, it will upend decades of geopolitical assumptions, thus leaving the US in the dust.

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