What “Palestinians” in Nablus do for fun

by Leah Rosenberg

The definition of a peace partner is quite simple: Someone you can make peace with. They share the same goals as you. They want to come to an agreement.

A Peace Partner Doesn’t do This

A peace partner would never burn an effigy – of anyone, really. But especially of your ally. Israel and America have a strong relationship. The world thinks Israel should make peace with these “Palestinians” who are burning an effigy of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. It seems quite absurd, doesn’t it?

When people want peace, they do not burn effigies. Even if they are angry, they use the appropriate measures to express themselves and to come to some type of agreement.

It should already be obvious that these “Palestinians” who are burning an effigy of Secretary Pompeo in Nablus are not ready for peace. You should not need much more information than that. This video speaks volumes.

They Don’t Hide it

Something to realize is that the “Palestinians” do not hide their true colors. They are publicly burning the effigy in the street. And it’s not the first time they have burned things to show how much they hate America and Israel. In fact, burning the American flag is an activity at a summer camp for children! Would you ever send your child to a camp like that? In the Western world, we call this child abuse, and the camp would be shut down.

But not in Nablus. Not in Gaza. Not anywhere else where “Palestinians” encourage violence and hate.

If the “Palestinians” don’t hide their beliefs, why is the world so blind to the truth?

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