The biggest political scandal of our lifetime

by Phil Schneider

Did President Obama and many of his closest advisors and officials actually plan to destroy Mike Flynn during the transition period between President Trump’s election and the actual inauguration? As of now, it seems that this was indeed an intentional plan to blemish the reputation of President Trump. As Kate McFarlane argued, she and Mike Flynn were just the small fish. But in truth, what Barack Obama and his advisors tried to do was to make sure that President Trump’s reputation would be tarnished from the get-go.

Is this worse than Watergate, where President Nixon was found to have been aware of an attempt to cheat against the Democrats in the 1972 election? There is definitely grounds to this argument. The Obama administration was an idealistic administration that truly was focused on transforming the United States of America and the whole world. In truth, alot was indeed done in the 8 years under Obama to accomplish this. But when Donald Trump was elected under a platform that was squarely based on undoing most of what President Obama deemed accomplishments, this most certainly bothered Obama and many others.

On the national security front, people like General Mike Flynn, people with seemingly perfect records, were one of the problems that Obama and his advisors saw. They perceived that Donald Trump was building up his reputation based on the credibility of Generals like Flynn. They saw in him the perfect person to take down, and that seems to be exactly what he and his advisors did.

In the end, the Obama administration will probably not be viewed as a corrupt 8 years. It will probably be remembered as the progressive high point of the United States. And where did that bring us? The debates will continue. But the spying on Mike Flynn and the fictional accusation about Russian collusion will probably be judged by Democrat and Republican alike as one big hoax.

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