What makes the Jewish people so unique?

by Leah Rosenberg

Are Jews any different than any other people?  They look like most people in the world.  But history seems crystal clear that the Jewish people are different.  What is that difference?

Three things that are Unique to the Jewish People

Rabbi Gutman Locks explains that there are three unique things.  Those three things are the Land of Israel, the commandments in the Torah, and a unique covering for our soul.

The Land is so Holy that if a Jew walks in the land, he receives a portion in the World to Come.  The commandments in the Torah are there for the Jews to be a nation of priests and a light unto the nations.  Lastly, to live a holy life of modesty is essential to the Jewish people too.

Rabbi Locks explains that if a Jew does all three things then he/she will truly be blessed.

Living a holy and modest life in the Holy Land is a true blessing.

Rabbi Locks

It is hard to believe, but this unique Rabbi was a guru who lived in all kinds of places for decades before he discovered the uniqueness of the Jewish people.  He  spent many years looking at his nose and meditating.  Believe it or not, he managed  to attract many followers around him doing this too.

But, in his 40’s, Rabbi Locks discovered his Jewish heritage and began to live a spiritual life that he now shares with visitors at the Western Wall.  He not only produced a CD with some peaceful musical tunes, he created the instrument that he plays the music with.

He lives in the Old City of Jerusalem, and spends hours each day helping people put on tefillin at the Western Wall.  These are small black boxes with small portions of the Bible inside of them.  This is one of the commandments of the Bible that he refers to.


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