The truth about the Israel Defense Forces that the world won’t admit

by Phil Schneider

The Israel Defense Forces are often in the cross-hairs of the international media.  It is the IDF that people accuse of wrongdoing to the poor innocent Arab population.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

First of all, after every Israel Defense Forces action, the Israeli Army holds a briefing.  They internally investigate every action and often give soldiers a hard time for minor infractions.  This is actually a bad thing.  Israel basically handcuffs itself instead of freeing the Israeli soldiers to truly take care of business.

However, the military leadership and the political leadership of Israel is wise enough to understand that Israel does not exist in a vacuum. Either Israel addresses the attacks from the international media or it will have to suffer major diplomatic consequences.  Antagonism from the media does make an impact – even if it is largely based on falsehood and exaggeration.


One excellent example is the typical chorus that stands up against Israel and demands proportional response from the Israeli Defense Forces in military actions.  What this basically means is that international media outlets call on Israel to not shoot back too much.  Meaning, if Israel is attacked with a missile barrage by terrorists in Gaza or Lebanon, Israel should shoot back with around the same kind of firepower that they absorbed.  Not too much firepower – because that may harm innocent civilians or kill too many terrorists.

This is patently absurd, and worse – completely ineffective.

Jewish Life is No Longer Cheap

The role of the Israel Defense Forces is to defend.  This can be via an offensive preemptive attack or via a defensive attack.  Alternatively, this can be a response to an attack.  One thing is the clear goal of the IDF is to save the lives of Israeli citizens.  This is what members of the press need to understand.  The Jewish people will no longer cower and beg for mercy from foreign governments to protect them.  For 19 centuries, this has failed.  We know where this leads to.

Israel should NEVER use a proportional response.  Israel should always use a disproportionate response in order to scare away any would-be terrorist activity.  By the way, the police in any self-respecting country ought to do the same thing.

Tough Decisions

Israel values life and therefore will always act out of strength and morality.  They will shoot back hard and wipe out the enemy as necessary.  The terrorists who shoot from hospitals and schools are immoral and are 100% responsible for any innocent civilians caught in the cross-fire.

It’s rough in the Middle East.  But it’s better to be yelled at from the international press than to be dead.




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