The surprising answer to what makes a great leader

by Michael Sax

What makes a great leader? This has stumped many people, but we’ve compiled a list here that may point you in the right direction.

Lesson of a lifetime

The teacher is giving his students a lesson they’ll never forget. It appears to be a history lesson, but the students end up learning about their own potential.

Qualities of a Leader

So what makes a great leader? This question has intrigued mankind for ages. Many different people have tried to answer that question. Here is what Forbes had to say.

1. Have faith in your actions. This means having confidence in one’s actions. 2. Make a hard choice. There may be lots of people depending on you, and your decisions or self-sacrifice might affect others as well. 3. Earn the respect of the team. You can show others that you care about them and respect them. 4. Know the team. Recognize the strengths and weaknesses of all the team players.

5. Know that people are the key to success. The leader chooses teammates who are competent, and guide the team to well-defined goals. 6. Articulate a clear vision. The leader is not afraid to help teammates reach their goals. 7. Push people to be their best. Yet make sure they feel safe. 8. Serve a greater cause. The leader is not seeking the goal for his personal gain, rather he motivates he teams to work towards a greater goal, such as for the company. 9. Focus on helping the team. A leader should not be focused just on himself, rather he should be focused on helping his team. 10. Do not lead by force. Instead the leader can motivate his team, and he can also lead by example.

The classroom

When the students looked inside the box, they were expecting to see a popular great leader. As a result, they were in for a surprise. Inside the box was a mirror, and when they looked inside for the leader, they saw themselves. The lesson here is very important – we all have the ability to be a leader, we all have great potential. The only thing that limits that is the limits we place on ourselves.

Dr. Risch

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