The world of social media is beginning to look like Nazi Germany

by Leah Rosenberg

Social media has become a cesspool of hate. While so much good is being done on social media, it is so sad to see people fill up our feeds with vile Nazi-like hatred.

Tools of Good

When youtube, facebook, and twitter launched, many of us were excited!  We finally had an outlet to express our views.  Finally, we had an outlet to compete with rampant views expressed in the mainstream media. Finally, we had the ability to tell the world directly the truth about what is going on with Israel. We could reveal the truth about the antisemitism that is at the root of the Arab/Muslim world’s conflict against Israel. The truth about “palestine.”  A fake nation created in order to destroy Israel.  We now could fight against the theft of our history, identity and even some of our holy sites.  And of course, we now began to spread the truth about the terror we face.

It was no longer just the mainstream media peddling their ideological agenda. We were finally given a voice as well to reach the masses.

Messages of Hate

Over the past few years, while many of us have used social media to spread the truth and messages of good and unity, there are others who use it to spread hate.

Looking at some of the videos, pictures and posts of hatred it is absolutely shocking. The visuals and messages that one sees are of 1939 Nazi Germany appearing in the year 2018!

Just a few years ago, few people actually felt antisemitism in their lives – but it lurked in the background.  Here and there, a few antisemitic events occurred, but they were generally very minor incidents. Antisemitism was shunned.  If someone labeled another person an anti-semite, that was definitely a curse. But all that has changed. Now, antisemitism is all over the internet. And people are not embarrassed to express their true antisemitic feelings for the world to see.

Social Media Censorship

To make this matter even worse, the social media companies themselves are allowing hate and antisemitic posts and accounts while shutting down pro-Israel and anti-hate accounts.

Arab Incitement
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