President Trump will soon decide on fate of Iran deal

by Leah Rosenberg

President Trump pledged that he would attack Syria after Syria used chemical weapons on it’s rebels. He followed through. Presidential candidate Trump declared many times that the Iran deal was a horrible deal. Will he bring the world back from the Obama-designed deal?

President Trump’s Security Advisers

President Trump decided to surround himself recently with 3 main advisers on national security issues – Defense Secretary, General Mattis, Secretary of State Pompeo, and National Security Adviser, John Bolton. These three people will probably encourage President Trump to gradually undo the Iran nuclear deal somehow.   If that means a potential confrontation with Iran is more probable, well, that is the price the world has to pay for Obama’s horrible deal.

But, there is nothing that suggests that President Trump believes in long military ordeals far from home.   The attack on Syria is what we should expect from this President.  Tough words.    Quick, swift, and pointed action.  Instant declaration of victory.    There is sound logic to this approach in many situations.  However, sometimes, it will not be enough.

The Iran nuclear deal is weak on multiple levels.  First off, the Iranians have multiple ways of dancing around the “serious” parts of the agreement.  But, the main issue is that the most critical aspect is missing.  Iran’s ability to bomb Israel or any other country in the Western world must be stopped.  The deal simply did not accomplish this at all.

This is the core issue that President Trump needs to somehow deal with with his advisers.  I am confident that all 3 of President Trump’s close advisers along with President Trump understand the gravity of this issue – not just for Israel, but for the whole world.




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