What just took place in Israel could save countless lives in the future!

by Chaya Cikk

What took place in Israel is amazing! It brought countries together for an exercise that can help save lives. I wonder what the BDS Movement has to say about this?

Took Place in Israel

Israel has a top priority and that is lending a helping hand when needed. When other countries have suffered from an earthquake, tsunami or any other tragic event. Israel has been first on the scene. A field hospital is set up and sends doctors to help whoever needs.

This time Israel invited navies from across the world to participate in an exercise to simulate a humanitarian response after an earthquake. How amazing is this? This exercise could really help save lives. You never know when an earthquake can hit and it is something you need to be ready for.

Which country would not want to be a part of this? The answer to this is any country which has been convinced by the BDS Movement to boycott Israel. BDS demands that Israel should treat its Arab citizens fairly. Until they see that this happens they will boycott Israel and anything related to Israel. This is such a shame as so many things Israel has to offer can help save lives.

Israeli Navy

The Israeli Navy was founded a few years before the State of Israel was founded. Their aim is to help Israel defend itself on the Sea. They operate in the Meditteranean Sea and the Red Sea. They have bases across the coast of Israel.

The Navy has played roles in many of the wars Israel has fought. Especially, during the Yom Kippur War, where five Israeli boats sunk five Syrian boats without any losses. How amazing is that? The Israeli Navy does a lot to protect the citizens of Israel and for that we are thankful.

Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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