The media isn’t telling you the truth about Omar and Tlaib’s Israel trip

by Leah Rosenberg

The media made Israel look bad, again. But do you want to know the truth about Omar and Tlaib’s Israel trip? To give you a clue, they called it “Palestine.”

Omar and Tlaib’s Israel trip

The news was all over it. The big trip – Omar and Tlaib’s Israel trip. And when Israel decided to deny entry to them, the world became infuriated. But it is not that simple. These two congresswomen were not just denied a trip to Israel for no reason. Actually, there were plenty of reasons.

For one, they called it their trip to “Palestine,” not Israel. That just shows they do not even recognize the Jewish state. They were not going to visit Israel for Israel. They had planned to go to visit with Palestinian Arab leaders and terrorists. Omar and Tlaib just wanted to spread more lies and boycott Israel. But the mainstream media won’t tell you that. Additionally, Tlaib could have still visited her grandmother like she requested – Israel did not deny that to her. But she refused. And the world still thinks Israel would not let her see her grandmother.

And Then There’s More…

Here is something you might not know. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib COULD have gone on a bipartisan congressional trip to visit Israel. They rejected that, choosing instead to go on a trip funded my Miftah, which is basically a terrorist organization. Miftah has praised terrorist attacks that murdered innocent Israeli men, women, and children.

The list goes on and on.

So why is Israel targeted for defending itself? Why should the world criticize Israel for not allowing those who want to harm it inside their country?

Dr. Risch

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