Israel’s “partner for peace” just said something not so…peaceful

by Phil Schneider

When Israel says straight out that it doesn’t have a partner for peace, they are speaking obvious truths. However, this seems so unreasonable to the Western mind. But unfortunately, Israel’s neighboring leadership are made up of people that are nothing less than terrorists in suits. Abbas did not get to where he got without an impressive resume of accomplishments in terror. The most famous of his terrorist acts was the hijacking of the Achille Lauro cruise liner and the killing of Leon Klinghoffer, a wheel-chair bound Jewish American. When terrorists grow older, they don’t become more moderate. They just become old terrorists. Israel has nobody to deal with now. All they can do is work on the next generation’s leadership.

Peace with Enemies

When Yitzhak Shamir was Prime Minister of Israel, he was questioned about the importance of reaching a peace agreement with the Arabs. He explained that there was nobody for him to make an agreement with. The questioner persisted and asked the Prime Minister, “But you have to be willing to make peace with your enemies, or you’ll never have a peace agreement.” Yitzhak Shamir patiently explained, “You can make peace with your enemies if your enemies want to make peace. But if your enemies want to make peace in order to use the agreement as a weapon to destroy you, then you should not agree.”

There are situations in life that are intractable. There are situations where the best option is to part ways or to agree to disagree. Israel has time on it’s side. For decades, people claimed that Israel would cease to exist as a democratic entity if it did not reach an agreement. Well, in Israel, there are now nearly 7 million Jews and there are probably no more than around 1.5 million Arabs in the State of Israel. But in the disputed areas of Judea and Samaria, there are probably another 2-2.5 million Arabs. As long as these Arabs are given some form of demilitarized self-government where they can vote on everything except for safety related matters, Israel will have peace. If Israel gives up control of these areas, it will have created a mini-terror state in it’s midst with a leadership that believes exactly what Mahmoud Abbas states in the above film clip. Israel has no choice but to stay strong and not give up an inch.

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