What this female Arab lawyer said should offend ALL women!

by Leah Rosenberg

Wouldn’t you hope that a female Arab lawyer would stand up for women’s rights all over the world? Not Nagla Al-Imam. What she says is appalling!

Female Arab Lawyer’s Belief

If this doesn’t sicken you, what will? Nagla Al-Imam is a female Arab lawyer. And what did she propose? That Arab men should sexually harass Israeli girls. She says it is a form of “resistance.”

The fact that as a woman she could say something so horrific and sickening shows how much hatred some Muslims have for Israel. Can you believe she would suggest something like this? For those who are so determined to fight for the rights of women all over the world, they should condemn and take a stand against people who say such things!

What the Arabs Teach vs the Jews

This is another example of what the Arab world teaches to its youth. It is another example of the culture that exists in their world. What kind of people would EVER encourage its males to sexually harass females of another religion? The Jews most definitely do not educate their youth that way. There is such a stark contrast of the education system amongst the Jewish people and amongst the Arabs. Whether it is formal education in a school setting or informal education, Jews are learning values of creating peace and love amongst themselves and other nations while the Arabs learn to hate.

If this type of belief system does not change soon, the future of the Arab world is in trouble. Then they will never be able to coexist with Western values.

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