What happens in Israeli supermarkets on Hanukkah

by Leah Rosenberg

Have you ever been to Israeli supermarkets on Hanukkah? It is so easy to see how the entire country loves the holiday! Here is a video from one supermarket.

Israeli Supermarkets on Holidays

Supermarkets on Hanukkah are filled with all things related to the holiday. You have sufganiyot, which is a special Hanukkah donut filled with jelly or other delicious fillings. You have menorahs being sold along with candles and oil. There are chocolate coins. Dreidels. Gifts to buy for the children. Everyone can feel the holiday as it approaches and throughout the entire eight days.

And then there are also moments like these. Watching an Israeli soldier light the menorah in a supermarket is beautiful. Customers stop and join. People love the spirit and energy. It is amazing that in a place where people are just going about their daily lives and shopping for groceries there are moments of spirituality infused in their routine. That’s Israel for you!

It is not only on Hanukkah, though. Each Jewish holiday is felt in the Holy Land. Whatever holiday is coming up next, you’ll know. The supermarkets make it clear. The bakeries make it clear. Wherever you walk, there will be a hint as to which holiday is just around the corner. It truly makes you feel like you’re part of something greater. And well, in Israel, it’s because you are!

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