UN blacklists Israeli company that helps “Palestinian” Arabs

by Leah Rosenberg

The UN is at it again. Targeting Israel. Choosing to blacklist an Israeli company, a supermarket called Rami Levy, that gives jobs to Arabs!

UN Targets Israeli Company

If the UN’s goal was to help “Palestinian” Arabs, they would not blacklist this Israeli company, a supermarket called Rami Levy. Rami Levy is a chain of supermarkets throughout the entire Israel – in Jerusalem, in central Israel, in Judea and Samaria, in southern Israel. They have locations all throughout the country!

You would think that they must be doing something terribly wrong if they are being blacklisted. Except, they aren’t. The UN is blacklisting them because they have locations in Judea and Samaria. But the thing is, Rami Levy employs “Palestinian” Arabs and does a service to their communities by providing a large supermarket to shop in!

The UN’s Real Goal

This is just another proof that the UN does not care to help “Palestinian” Arabs in Israel. Their only goal is to demonize the Jewish state. They want to destroy it in any way they can. But they are only harming the Arabs there who are benefitting from Israel’s flourishing economy. The Arabs want to work in Israel. They can actually earn a living and provide for their families! And the UN is ruining that for them.

Companies like Rami Levy also create a feeling of coexistence among the Arabs and the Jews; the religious and the secular. But again, the UN – the body that is supposed to support peace – is trying to destroy that.

Blood Libel
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