What Did They Really Find on Hunter Biden’s Laptop

by Phil Schneider

The most troubling aspect of the Hunter Biden controversy is not Hunter Biden. It is not even the question of Joe Biden’s involvement in the financial shenanigans of his son Hunter who seems to have been quite adept at monetizing his father’s connections and power. The central issue is the seeming collusion of so much of the mass media to push aside any coverage of what should have been a central story – before, during, and after the election of Joe Biden to the American presidency.

The Trump family was properly given the 3rd degree when Donald Trump decided to run for Executive Office. There is nothing wrong with the fact that much scrutiny was given to the Trump family’s taxes. Power and money go hand in hand in so many ways that it is natural that there would be suspicion of abuse. But in today’s day and age, this is largely overlooked when the power is on the Democrat side of the aisle.

Joe Biden had been an active Congressman and Senator for nearly 5 decades before being tapped by Barack Obama to serve as Vice President. Biden, more than nearly any other serving Congressman, should know what is wrong and what appears to be wrong. The allegations against Hunter Biden, and Joe’s involvement, are almost definitely within the range of things that appear to be wrong. This is far worse than plagiarizing an election speech, something Biden was accused of doing back in the 80’s.

So why is it now a central issue that is no longer taboo within the mass media? One answer is that many within the Democrat political apparatus have reached the conclusion that it would be better off if Joe Biden were not President anymore. The handover to Kamala Harris or somebody else will probably be strategically handled in order to minimize the effect of the 2022 mid-term debacle that everyone sees coming.

Don’t expect strong leadership from the Executive Branch anytime soon. The Democrats are too busy trying to keep their ship from sinking too quickly and losing control of both the Senate and the House of Representatives. Expect many failed attempts at face lifts. But only in November, 2022, will the United States start to go back to implementing policies that fit in with the will of the majority of middle America.

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