Jews Get Their Car Torched After They Drive Into An Arab Village By Accident

by Micha Gefen

The slow burning Intifada keeps on going. The latest incident happened after a Jewish driver entered the “palestinian” village of Husan by accident.

The driver escaped, but not before his car was torched and destroyed. Husan is near Bethlehem and across the street from Beitar, a large Ultra Orthodox city. Residents of Beitar often time shop in Husan. One response on Twitter even called for a boycott of Husan. “Jews will no longer buy in Husan. We should not buy from those who want to murder us.”

With Ramadan now in full swing and the Bennett government teetering on collapse, more and more attacks are happening.

In order to stave off a full blown Intifada and widespread violence, the Defense Ministry has called up reserves and placed high level troops across Israel. Despite this move, the violence may not end. With Ra’am, who are Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers in the government, it appears that the violence will just continue.

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