What CNN tried to stop this sheriff from broadcasting on live TV

by Leah Rosenberg

This is what we call censorship. Don Lemon of CNN tried to silence this sheriff on live TV. But the sheriff would have none of that. Here’s the truth.

Censorship from CNN

The proof is on TV. It was recorded. Sheriff David Clarke tried to share the truth with Americans. How dare CNN and Don Lemon disrespect a man who has dedicated his life to protecting people. How dare Lemon try to silence him and push a specific political agenda.

Listen to the Sheriff

If a Black sheriff is saying what he’s saying, do people really have the shameless audacity to shut him down? Why is CNN trying to hide the truth? Why are Democrats instilling a fear of policemen in Americans?

Democrats have created a movement of “blame the policemen” for every issue that America faces. Crime? Blame the policemen, not the criminals. Failing schools? Blame the policemen, not those who can and should create changes in policy. Racism? Blame policemen, even though everything the Democrats claim about racism in the police force is just not statistically true. How about poverty? Well, we might as well blame then policemen if we are blaming them for everything else, right? That is the mindset of these politicians and activists who have no interest in fixing up what they have destroyed.

The Lack of Respect for Authority

Where did the respect for authority go? Who in their right mind would disobey a cop’s lawful order? Who in their right mind would ENCOURAGE them to do that? What kind of politician would encourage such disrespect and destruction?

The real problems of America today have nothing to do with police brutality or police racism. The real problems have everything to do with those who are creating that narrative and those lies.

The fact that there are politicians encouraging disobeying the law, accepting violence, and approving the dishonoring of cops is shocking. How much more anti-America can you get?

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