Black woman speaks up and leaves White Liberal speechless

by Phil Schneider

There are African American people who understand that all of the Black Lives Matter movement is actually not about helping the African American population. The agenda of the movement is an anti-family unit movement that actually has very little to do with anything but the progressive anti-Trump approach. Andrew Klavan claims that BLM is the representation of the progressive elites – and has very little to do with Black people.

Tucker Carlson brings very shocking stats that explain that BLM is super popular. It is a massive powerful political movement that is working to remake the fabric of the United States. The “legitimacy” that the rioting is given by the Stacey Abrams’ of the world is absolutely shocking. The BLM movement is all about shutting the mouths of anyone who says anything that can be construed as anti-BLM or pro-Police.

Law and order in the United States is now on a majorly downward trend. Will it recover and move back towards normalcy? If Black Lives Matter morals turn into the new powerful way to define moral codes then the basic idea of politically correct speech will dominate all public speech. This is beyond scary. The United States needs a leadership that will be willing to stand up and confront the threats of masses of people who have hit the streets and are working to change the very social fabric of the United States. Will the Black Lives Matter radical movement win out?

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