Watch What Jewish Students Did for Teacher That Made it to the News

by Leah Rosenberg

Judaism is built upon doing kind things for others. And these Jewish students went above and beyond for their teacher.

Jewish Students Give Teacher Incredible Gift

This is absolutely remarkable. For teens to care so much for their teacher is really unbelievable. They raised the money needed to get him a car. Can you imagine? They wanted him to spend less time traveling to teach and more time with his family. These Jewish students truly changed their teacher’s life forever.

When people are so unselfish, the world becomes a better place. Judaism teaches to be unselfish. Judaism teaches to do acts of kindness and think about others. And these students really did an exceptional job. They appreciated how dedicated their teacher was. The teacher’s dedication truly paid off.

When you are nice and kind to others, you will most likely get that same treatment in return. When you treat others with respect, they will want to respect you as well. This LA teacher is an example of how a teacher should be. Teachers should give their students time and love. Students should feel that their teachers care. And students should give their teacher respect and show appreciation – just like these LA students did.

These are the types of stories that are amazing to see on the news. People want to hear positive stories. They want to know that good people exist in the world. More news channels should be covering the acts of kindness that occur throughout the world. Everyone can use some positivity in their lives.

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