Watch Dems Get Awkward When Asked about Supporting Biden in 2024

by Phil Schneider

It is a tricky time to be a Democrat. You can’t say out loud what hundreds of millions of Americans all know. The President from your party is over the hill and barely holding it together. Yes. The amount of power that America has entrusted to a struggling 79 year old man should never have happened. Odds are that the Democrat Party will begin to force out Joe Biden after the midterm elections. After all, at least Kamala Harris has all of her faculties.

But the problem of the Democrat Party is much deeper than the personalities and frailties of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. There is a far-left policy shift that has been taking hold for some time now that clearly has a stranglehold on the entire party – especially the younger members.

The Democrat Party may very well be losing massive swaths of the American population due to it’s economic policies. Very quickly, people are realizing that Democrats are the party of handouts to the poor, unbridled immigration, and energy dependence on Russia and Saudi Arabia. These all join together to cause inflation, stagflation, or some other horrible result.

On the other hand, Republicans are no longer the party of the rich and detached. They are becoming the party of the working class who value citizenship and energy independence. These all join together to create a flourishing economy and freedom from involvement in foreign conflicts.

Joe Biden’s political record over his first few decades in Congress was rather liberal. But he was never known to be as radical a left-winger as he is now. He is almost definitely being run like a puppet via Obama supporters. That is what Obama alluded to do in previous interviews as his dream – to run the White House via a few daily telephone calls as an outsider.

But the American people, including many Democrats have had enough of it. The big challenge for the Democrats is they have nothing better to offer. The sweep to the right in November will be drastic.

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