Watch the Jewish Return to Israel Come to Life in This Must-See Video

by Leah Rosenberg

You cannot miss this video explaining the miraculous return to Israel by the Jewish people. You have to learn this part of history!

The Return to Israel

This video was done in an extremely creative way. It makes you think. It makes you wonder. It makes you want to learn history because Jewish history is truly fascinating. And it’s especially fascinating when it’s about the return to Israel after so many years of exile.

There were still some Jews living in Israel after the second Temple was destroyed. Not everyone left. But during the various exiles, most of the Jewish people were not living in their ancient homeland anymore. And then, something remarkable happened. The return to Israel.

After that many years of exile, you would think the Jewish people would have disappeared. The Jewish people’s story is miraculous. It is hard to study history without believing in G-d. You cannot explain all these magnificent events!

Although there have been many times throughout history where it seemed like the Jewish nation wouldn’t survive, it always did. G-d orchestrates everything. Although the return to the land of Israel has not been completed, more and more Jews are returning home. Let’s pray that G-d sees our desire to live in His land and serve Him. Let’s pray that He brings the Mashiach (Messiah) so that all Jews can return home and serve G-d properly, and so that all the nations of the world will finally see and believe in the one and only G-d.

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