The Disturbing Truth About What’s Really Happening in Canada

by Phil Schneider

Canada today is an experiment in the extreme limiting of free speech in order to retain power and control over the population. The decision to employ emergency measures by the Canadian government is one of the grossest examples of government overreach in modern times.

Is government overreach truly dangerous? Yes – in a big way. Governments all need checks and balances, or else the power that governments accrue – by their nature – just grows and grows.

Trudeau, like other leaders who are scared of losing their hold on power, will do almost anything they can to hold on. The trucker’s strike was one of the most impressive displays of a grassroots movement in recent memory. When else have thousands of drivers decided to protest, at the risk of losing their jobs, and brought tens of thousands of supporters out to frigid streets across an entire country in order to express support?

As opposed to the Black Lives Matter protests, that were indeed planned, funded, and not spontaneous at all, the truckers protest was indeed a movement that saw thousands of people losing money in order to promote a cause. It is true that the Black Lives Matter protest hit a chord among many people and did grow to become a massive grassroots movement. But it would not have occurred had rich people not funded the activities. The truckers strike was indeed a powerful and worthwhile cause that is becoming more and more popular by the day. Canada is an example of unchecked power that should serve as a reminder to the entire free world that without proper checks and balances, a democracy will easily slide towards totalitarianism.

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