Watch: “Palestinian” Arab Shockingly Berates Hamas Publicly

by Phil Schneider

Can it be possible that the main threat to the “innocent Palestinians” are Hamas and not the Israelis? Before answering the question, the concept of “innocent Palestinians” must be clarified.     

Every person who assisted in building and fortifying a terror tunnel under their apartment building was a Hamas collaborator. That covers nearly every adult in Gaza. The entire supposition that there are 40,000 Hamas fighters and 1,960,000 “innocent Palestinians” is the greatest lie about this war. The only people that there is a valid argument about being innocent are the little Arab boys and girls – who are 10-12 or younger. From the time they are older than that, their parents have already infected them with so much Hamas poison that they are already actively involved in terror. It is indeed a human tragedy of the first order that the Hamas animals inflict on their own children. 

These children who obviously do not know any better have no understanding as they have been born into a life of terror. Yes, terrorists marry terrorists and have children. Those children have innocently become future terrorists. Their only hope to NOT grow up to become terrorists is if they immigrate to a completely different country and culture wherein they may grow up differently. So yes, the main threat to these children are their parents and the Hamas and Palestinian Authority leadership.

Israel is the only hope for these poor souls. 

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