Watch: MAGA Page Releases Must-See Video Supporting Trump

by Phil Schneider

Donald Trump scares so many of his opposition because he is such a fearless fighter. He didn’t change one iota between the time he was a nominee and the time he became President. He hasn’t changed much either since he left office.

He used his bully pulpit in one of his first Prseidential press conferences to debase and discredit CNN, just as he did when he was a nominee. He doesn’t think what is politically correct or politically expedient and then say it. He just says what he thinks is right and good for the nation. That is probably the secret sauce that has brought out so many people to vote for Donald Trump that had never voted before.

Turmp is most certainly running on 2024. But despite being the frontrunner in the Republican Party, he still has quite a battle. Other nominees will go after Trump mercilessly. That will probably not be the hard part for Trump. He knows how to handle himself well on the debate stage.

The challenge will come when he loses his first primary and the momentum swings to one of his opponents. Will Trump the candidate regroup and battle back, or once again claim that the elections are rigged against him? If he takes the second path, that may doom his chances. But if he adjusts his message, he indeed may be in the general election and have a good chance to become President again in 2024.

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