To All The “Journey” Fans Out There – This Passover Song is for You

by Phil Schneider

The fun of the Seder night on Passover should never be lost on anyone. In this enterntaing song, Y-Studs perform a musical work of art that is enjoyable, informative, and even educational.

The Passover holiday climaxes at the beginning and the end of the seven day holiday. Outside of the Land of Israel, an extra day is celebrated.

The first day celebrates the actual walk-out of an entire nation – literally millions of people who walked out of bondage. Egypt was the world power of the time with the most powerful Army, and they enslaved tens of thousands of Jews. But in miraculous fashion, the birthrate of the Jewish people was enormous, and within a few generations, tens of thousand Jews became a few million Jews.

But the Jewish people were powerless without leadership. At least, so it seemed. Then, G-d began to reveal himself – in a big way. In miracle after miracle, G-d revealed himself and singlehandedly, defeated the Egyptian Army, people, and their leader Pharaoh, until the Egyptians literally plead with the Jewish people to leave their country.

The Jewish people walked out – with the riches of the Egyptians. But the oncer in history show went on, and within less than a week, the Jewish people were once again in a terrible situation, cornered by the Egyptian Army. The Jewish people cried out to G-d. But the order from G-d was to travel right through the Sea without any fear. Then the great miracle of the splitting of the Sea happened. But as if that was not enough, the Egyptian Army followed the Jewish people into the Sea. Then, perhaps the greatest of all miracles occurred when the Sea fell right back onto the Egyptian Army and wiped them out completely.

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