DeSantis Gives the Perfect Response to the Left’s Hilarious Lie

by Phil Schneider

Florida has become the haven of normalcy in the United States today. Whereas other major cities are up to their knees or waist in crime and woke policies, Florida is making one policy decision after another that is spot on.

Ron DeSantis is deserving of the praise that the electorate of Florida heaped on him with his enormous landslide reelection for Governor of Florida. One should not forget that he literally got in by the skin of his teeth in the first election. That means that the second election was indeed a referendum on his first term.

People moved from Democrat to Republican during his first term by the tens of thousands. Moreover, people moved from New York, California, and other Democrat-run cities to Florida by the tens of thousands. They weren’t looking for much – just some normalcy in a world turned upside down. A few hundred thousand more voters that showed up for DeSantis, and he won by a landslide.

What makes DeSantis refreshing is that he seems to have all of the positive attributes of being a straight talker without being uncouthe and repulsive. There is no question that he will perform well on the national stage. The only questions that remain are when and how will he deal with the Trump card factor in the 2024 elections.

In truth, Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis agree about many things. But Donald Trump campaigns dirty. DeSantis will have to get down and dirty or he’ll find himself sunk in the quicksand of Trumpisms fired at him. That is why some people are no doubt counseling him to sit it out and wait till 2028. It’s certainly not too late to do that. But the Democrat ticket looks to be so weak this coming year, whether it will be Biden, Kamala Harris, or an unknown national figure, that it is hard to stay out of the ring.

Whatever DeSantis decides, Florida’s recent successes will be discussed incessantly as the vision for what a great United States could look like.

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