Watch Jon Stewart Nail it on Jew-Hating Antisemitism

by Leah Rosenberg

Jew-hating antisemitism has been on the rise. Famous people have decided to make it their business to publicly express their hate for Jews. Jewish comedian Jon Stewart has a great response.

Stewart on Jew-Hating Antisemitism

Jon Stewart got something right here. He got it right on the recent antisemitism from Kanye West, Dave Chappelle, and Kyrie Irving. Our world is trying to censor and cover things up. Most of the Jewish organizations and influencers all called out to cancel Kanye and Kyrie. But cancelling people who voice antisemtic tropes won’t solve the issue. And even Stewart, who is very much part of the liberal-left political camp, is saying that.

People need to be able to talk and discuss the truth. People need to be able to give the correct information. Shutting down every famous person who voices antisemitic tropes without conversation and discussion will most definitely not stop it from spreading. One must distinguish between a person like Louis Farakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, who very vocally hates Jews and constantly spreads Jew-hatred to his followers, from Kanye and Kyrie, who do not hate Jews, yet unfortunately spread antisemitic tropes.

While Stewart nails it on antisemitism, he definitely does not have it right about Israel. He is very Left when it comes to politics, and he is completely wrong when it comes to the Middle East. He needs to be educated about Israel and the truth. Stewart thinks the “palestinian” Arabs are mistreated by Israel. The only people who mistreat them are their own leaders in the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. Israel goes to great lengths to avoid harming innocent Arabs. Yes, we will do everything in our power to defend ourselves against the violence and terror of our enemies, as all nations should do. We will shoot terrorists who are trying to murder Israelis. But that is not what we call mistreatment.

Jon Stewart needs to be better educated with the facts about Israel. He needs to know that those Arabs living under Israeli control have opportunities that those living under Palestinian Authority and Hamas control don’t have. Israeli Arabs have far better lives. And that tells you a lot about Israel.

Bottom line, Jon Stewart is unfortunately also believing the fake news he hears spread throughout the media about Israel, but that obviously does not make him an antisemite. He should come and see for himself what actually happens in Israel. And then he should go and share the truth.

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