Who Is More Tolerant? Israelis or Palestinians?

by Phil Schneider

It is now fashionable to accuse Israel of not being tolerant to it’s minorities – specifically the Arabs who have recently begun to label themselves “Palestinians.” The truth is that not only is Israel super tolerant of it’s minorities. It probably treats it’s minorities better than any other country – despite the fact that vast percentages of it’s minorities act as a fifth column working to weaken and destroy the State of Israel.

Let’s take apart the two main accusations. Freedom of movement and freedom to vote. These are the two main things that Israel is accused of.

Anti-Israel supporters like to claim that Israel does not allow Arabs to travel freely due to the tens of checkpoints that Israel has all over Judea and Samaria. Does Israel really have these checkpoints? Yes. Do these checkpoints mistreat Arabs and favor Jews? No. Jews and Arabs sit and wait at checkpoints together. So, then why does Israel have them? Because they save lives. Jewish lives and Arab lives. Checkpoints would not be necessary if Israel would find them to be useless. But on a nearly daily basis, Israel finds weapons hidden in trunks, trucks, and all kinds of places. The only way to reach most of Israel’s large population centers is via the checkpoints.

The Arab terrorists and their supporters in Congress like to yell and scream about the human rights of the terrorists. Israel is right. The terrorists lose their rights the second they drive around with weapons. Israel properly tends to the human rights of it’s Arab and Israeli citizens by checking cars for weapons.

As for the freedom to vote, Arabs in Israel either can vote for Israel’s parliament or they can vote for the Palestinian Authority or Hamas. In the parts of the Land of Israel that are not under dispute, Arabs and Jews vote in exactly the same way. In the parts of the Land of Israel under dispute, the Arabs have the ability to vote their leadership, and that’s what they do. But yes, Israel does not allow them to build up an Army and attack Israel. That is a good thing. Any normal country would do the same. When the Arabs were occupied by Jordan between 1948-1967, they did not have any voting rights. Before the formation of the State of Israel in 1948, Jews and Arabs had no voting rights. The Arabs in the Land of Israel have never had it this good and have no reason to complain.

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