Watch John McCain and Joe Lieberman visit the City of David

by Leah Rosenberg

One cannot visit the City of David n Jerusalem and come out the same person as they went in.  To see and walk right through ancient Biblical history never fails to impact.  John McCain was no different when he traveled to the Holy Land.

Quotes from John McCain

“Truly remarkable.”

“Helps us understand the history and the beauty of what took place here.”

Joe Lieberman and John McCain

These two Senators did not sit on the same side of the aisle in the Senate.  One is a Democrat (Lieberman), and one was a Republican (McCain).  But both of them had a few things in common.  First of all, they each were willing to walk across to the other side for an issue very dear to them.

Secondly, they each had a strong and unwavering commitment to a strong USA and a strong US ally in Israel.

That is one of the reasons why Joe Lieberman’s name was floated around as a potential Vice Presidential candidate for John McCain.

They actually had alot more in common than almost any other two Senators.  But they did not come from similar backgrounds.

From where is their source of strength?

It would seem that McCain’s background and Liebermans’s background could not be any more different.  McCain was a child of a military family and a hero (yes, he was a hero) of the Vietnam war.  Anyone who spent time in the so-called Hanoi Hilton is a person who went through hell.  He understood first-hand what evil exists in the world.  He felt it on his own body and saw it with his own eyes.

Lieberman, on the other hand, is a relative of many people who perished in the Holocaust.  In remarks that he made at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC, he said the following profound words:

“…But there are forces that constantly seek to cut through the marble of our moral universe. They are hatreds and pathologies so strong that they cannot be negotiated, or reasoned, or loved away. They must be fought and stopped.

That conclusion, I know, is difficult for many people to accept, but history and the Holocaust sadly tell us it is true.

Part of the perversity of evil is that, the greater its cruelty, the greater the temptation to avert our eyes, to harden our hearts, to convince ourselves that we are not seeing what is in fact happening.”

Leadership for the Future

Any great leader needs to understand what these two wise men understood.  Evil exists in this world.  It will not go away.

And if we want to make sure that the world is a safe place, as Joe Lieberman put it, we need “to confront those who would take those rights away from us, the courage to fight them, and the confidence that together we can and will defeat them.

So that when we say Never Again, it can and will truly mean Never Again.”




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