Listen to the sound of the shofar and feel the upcoming redemption

by Leah Rosenberg

To hear the sound of the shofar, the ram’s horn, is perhaps the most symbolic of all Jewish customs. It heralds in the Jewish New Year. But it does so much more than that.

Preparation for the New Year

Every year, the Jewish people start off the New Year with prep work for an entire month beforehand. The idea is to be ready for Judgement Day and for the Day of Atonement. On these days, Jewish tradition is that God judges all of mankind. At the end of the ten days of repentance, God grants atonement to all who return to tradition.

What is the custom that goes back for thousands of years that heralds in these Holy Days?  It is the shofar – the ram’s horn.  More specifically, it is the “hearing” of the ram’s horn.  The custom is to listen to the message of God’s dominion over this world.  To the message that there is and always was a Master of the Universe.


But there is more.  At the end of times, the Jewish tradition is that there will be a shofar of redemption.  This clarion call will announce to the entire world that the Days of the Messiah are here.  There is no more fitting place for that call than the holiest place on earth to the Jewish people – the Temple Mount.

That explains why it is so powerful to hear the call of the shofar – the Ram’s horn with the Temple Mount in the background at this special time of year.


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