Watch: Jaw-Dropping Footage and Interview with Special Forces Who Rescued Hostages

by Phil Schneider

The hostage rescue operation by Israeli special forces will be spoken about for generations. By this time next year, there will probably be the first full feature film produced about the horrors that the hostages have endured, followed by the amazing rescue operation that led them to freedom. The glitches in the rescue operation will just add to the fascinating story of their rescue in broad daylight. 

This is all part of a greater story. It is the story of the Jewish people no longer fighting with passports. It is the story of the Jewish people fighting with machine guns, and precision-guided missiles.  With a head lifted up in pride, with a clear declaration that this is our home, and with an attitude, because the Jewish people are going nowhere. 

The world at large is so used to the Jewish people being the punching bag scapegoat for all of the world’s ills. That will not change – outside of the State of Israel. But inside the State of Israel, the Jewish people that have formed into what is the modern day Israeli population is of a different ilk. This is not a new phenomenon of the last few years. It actually formed even before the modern-day State of Israel. A young Bobby Kennedy who visited the Land of Israel noticed this back in 1948.  

It was the early Revisionists, who later developed into the Irgun and Lechi and their larger counterpart, the Hagana, who evolved into the fighting Army of the State of Israel, the Israel Defense Forces, who shaped Israeli society into what it is today. 

Today’s youth in Israel may be split on cultural levels between religious and secular. But they are more united than many realize in terms of their pride that they feel in fighting for their Land against those who hate all Jews. By contrast, many Jews in the exile, feel far less pride in their Jewishness and are actually puzzled about Israel’s morality in fighting against Israel’s enemies. They have heard so much anti-Israel propaganda and are surrounded by so many woke values that they have lost their own moral compasses. 

Israelis know that when push comes to shove, the Jewish people ultimately need to be prepared to stand alone. There are genuine friends of Israel all over the world, in the American Congress, and in communities all over the West. But, support for Israel has been fickle at the Executive Branch level in the United States, and the State Department is still filled with anti-Israel attitudes ever since Donald Trump left the Oval Office.

The spirit of these fighters is what ought to give us hope. Israel’s future is bright. Those who join in Israel’s destiny only need a passport. Otherwise, they will find themselves chased out and fighting against their own country with their passport.   

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