Jewish Comedian Responds to Absurd TikTok Video About Israel, and it’s Hilarious

by Leah Rosenberg

Yechiel Jacobs is a Jewish comedian who uses humor to share the truth about Israel. Here he totally calls out the lies in a TikTok video.

Jewish Comedian Destroys TikTok Video

There are so many videos out there spreading lies about the one and only Jewish state. And sometimes, people are too caught up in the lies to even search for the truth. But when you use humor to share the truth, it gets the point across. Jewish comedian Yechiel Jacobs highlights how ignorant so many Israel-haters are.

The world makes it seem like Israel just bombs indiscriminately. That is so far from the truth. Israel targets terrorists, not civilians. If those terrorists are walking around with rocket launchers while wearing civilian clothing, they are not civilians. And if so-called “journalists” are holding innocent Israeli hostages in their houses, they are not journalists, they are terrorists.

Don’t be so quick to listen to TikTok videos put out by antisemitic, foolish people. The truth is out there, and many people are trying to share it. Whether it is through humor or not, Israel deserves to be portrayed for what it really is: A freedom-loving democracy. A moral entity. A light in a sea of darkness.

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