Watch: Israeli Drones in Action Over Gaza Catch the Shocking Truth

by Phil Schneider

The lies that are parroted concerning the massive humanitarian crisis in Gaza gather steam from day to day. Of course, there are thousands of Arab children suffering . That is what happens when Daddy decides to devote his life to killing as many Jews as possible by building a terror complex under your house and uses you as a personal shield in the process. Daddy is the problem.  The reality is so hard to fathom, but Dads in Gaza are the problem and the only hope for these children is a total victory of the Israel Defense Forces. That is why so many people in the West are having such a hard time wrapping their head around this one. It really is a rather insane reality.    

But the Israeli people are a different people post-October 7th. Those who have needed to wake up from their pipe dreams of living peacefully with their Arab neighbors have changed. They will never sign on again to the idea of arming their Arab neighbors and handing them part of the Land of Israel to set up a State. They know that this idea was divorced from the reality of the truly genocidal goals of the vast majority of Israel’s Arab neighbors.

Those who never supported the idea of a separate Arab State within the Land of Israel now see that Israel must never again rely on one country – including the United States – but must become as self-reliant as possible in order to not be stuck in a tight spot without a paddle to get across the river. 

But more important than anything, Israel now understands the absolutely vital necessity to not allow the tendency of fractiousness to split the nation apart. No matter what the issue, the stakes are simply too high. The enemy is right outside our front door and we need everybody to pitch in – together.      

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