Watch: Iran Flooding Lebanon With Foreign Fighters

by David Mark

Hezbollah started firing rockets on Israel just after October 7th and while Hezbollah has been escalating the attacks on Israel’s North over the past few weeks, it is Iran that is making its presence felt in what is being set up to be the ultimate showdown between Iran and Israel. Iran is flooding Lebanon with thousands of fighters from all over the Middle East.

These fighters make their way to Lebanon dressed as civilians and are meant to swell the ranks of Hezbollah in the coming war with Israel. Furthermore, these fighters are clearly not meant for a defensive position, but for an invasion force to take over Israel’s north.

Such an action by Hezbollah and Iran will make what happened on October 7th look like a fairy tale. Israel is in a real existential threat for the first time since 1973, with seemingly only one path forward – war.

The challenge with the coming war is that unlike Gaza, it has the potential to bring in neighboring countries like Syria, Iraqi Shiite militias, and possibly Turkey. Unfortunately, the infighting in the State of Israel has reached fevered pitch, with no one willing to lead the military in a way that will bring victory.

It is time to admit that the military leadership and political class may not have what it takes to win this war. While this may be a scary thought, coming to terms that we need a drastic change is the only way to save ourselves from afar worse defeat.

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