Watch How Flash Floods in Israel are Quick and Deadly

by Avi Abelow

Flash floods in the Judean desert are deadly. If you are caught in a valley, the gushing waters appear out of nowhere and carry everything in their way as they plunge down towards the Dead Sea area, the lowest point on earth.

Read more about the flash floods that killed ten students in the Judean Desert.

I know many people who have been caught in flash floods when out on hikes. Many times flash floods are expected due to rains, so the authorities publicize warnings ahead of time to NOT hike in the Judean Desert area. Sometimes, but rarely, rain falls without much warning, so people out hiking get caught if/when it does rain. That is what happens in the following video. You see how powerful the water is. How the water comes out of nowhere and carries everything in its way.

Flash Floods on Camera

Here are flash floods that people were able to capture on camera. When a downpour takes place in the Judean Hills, some people dangerously stake out a position expecting a flash flood will come. The authorities warn against such actions because it is impossible to be 100% safe in such instances. But, you can see how the water comes out of nowhere and is just a powerhouse of water.

The following video shows the waterfall from the flash flood waters flowing from Nahal Tzin down to the Dead Sea. It was water from this waterfall of flash floods that swept away the ten students who were killed today.

Unfortunately, this was a huge tragedy that could have been avoided. In this case, the authorities knew about the torrential rains and warned the whole country from going out on hikes in the areas of flash floods. But this educational institution took their kids out for a hike in this area regardless of the warnings.

So sad that ten families are now mourning their dead children.

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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