Breaking News: April Storm in Israel Kills Ten Students Caught in Flash Flood

by Avi Abelow

A group of teenage students was caught in a flash flood while hiking in southern Israel today. Israeli search and rescue services went into action searching for the students to rescue them from the flash flood. Nine students have been declared dead.

Twenty-four of the students were recovered by the search and rescue services. Two are seriously injured. One girl still remains missing.

UPDATE: The missing girl was found dead. A total of ten dead from the flash flood.

They were standing on the side of the road near the area of Nahal Tzafit in the Judean Desert west of the Dead Sea. The hike was organized by their educational institution.

Search and rescue teams, aided by helicopter units were called upon to assist in the rescue efforts.

Israeli Air Force was deployed to assist in the efforts to locate the missing students.

Diving teams are on call to aid in the search as well.

This is what the rainstorm looked like in parts of Israel today. Strong rain and even hail, in April.

Old City of Jerusalem

Center of Jerusalem

Judean Hills

Flash Flood in Israel

When rain falls in Jerusalem and the Judean hills, this is what the flash floods look like when the water cascades down the Judean Hills down to the Dead Sea area.

We are all praying for the families of the killed and injured students.

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