WATCH: Hezbollah Rockets Reach Haifa Bay

by David Mark

Hezbollah promised to expand its attacks after Israel’s daring hostage rescue mission this past Shabbat. So far they have been good to their word. Last night rocket alert sirens sounded in cities across the Haifa Bay. A number of interceptor missiles were fired, shooting down incoming rockets. However, the UAV was not shot down.

Hezbollah has been attacking Israel since October 8th making Israel’s war a two front war. Over the last few weeks the Iranian proxy has made it clear - they won’t stop and has increased its rocket, UAV, and ATGM attacks even more - essentially creating their own security zone on Israel’s side of the border.

The IDF claims it is prepared to go to war with Hezbollah, which in all estimates would bring Iran and even other countries into a war with Israel, but with nearly 100,000 Israelis displaced from their homes in the North there is no alternative but a direct conflict.

With Gantz now out of the government, Israel appears to be one step closer to full scale war with Hezbollah occupied Lebanon.

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