Watch: Hamas Footage Found by IDF Exposes Largest Terror Tunnel Ever

by Phil Schneider

There are tunnels and then there are tunnels. What Hamas engineers built underneath Gaza was an unbelievable network of terror infrastructure with one goal in mind – killing Jews. These are not a few dozen hiding spots for weapons or a location to hide in case of war. The goal was to create an entire underground highway through which Hamas could surprise and transport terrorists right next to Israel’s fence and invade Israel with thousands of terrorists – just like they did. 

What many are starting to understand is that not only does Israel have nobody to discuss any form of peace with, all they have are neighbors that are consumed with evil and destruction. Yes, the vast majority of the Arabs in Gaza are all pure evil people raising evil children to kill Jews. The truth is very harsh. That is what explains the absolute happiness that so many Arabs had during and after the October 7th massacre of more than 1,000 Jews, and the reason that so many Arab women attend and chant “Kill the Jews.”

In wars that are about good and evil, one side must crush the other side and understand that there is no other side to negotiate with. What complicates Israel’s situation are the few hundred Israeli hostages that force Israel to negotiate with the devil. But rest assured, at the end of the War, Israel will have no negotiating partner. Israel will either be in charge of Gaza or it will face evil at it’s doorstep once again. 

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Gershompesach December 20, 2023 - 2:47 pm

It’s like WWII—anything less than total victory…dishonors all who sacrificed….

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