Watch: Donald Trump Interview Reveals Things You Never Knew about Him

by Phil Schneider

How historic are the Abraham Accords? It was probably the greatest peace achievement in the Middle East in more than 40 years. But that was not the only thing that Donald Trump achieved. It was also the symbolic and practical move of the Embassy that will forever enshrine Donald Trump as a friend of the State of Israel. Donald Trump does not do much of the talking. Jon Voight does. There is very little bluster in this video. It is just a clear-headed view of the achievements of the Trump administration in the Middle East.

Donald Trump is a man that is often viewed as a cold and ruthless businessman. But actually, Donald Trump, on a personal level, is actually a person that deeply appreciates the people who work for him. The cynics would say that he is just a narcissistic person, and he only cared about his personal aggrandizement of power.

But in truth, he has used his talents and flaws to advance the world in the right direction. Anybody who truly understands the centrality of the Land of Israel to world peace and prosperity should appreciate Donald J. Trump’s achievements, even if they are turned off by his personality.

But actually, the most underrated action of the Trump administration is when they took out the lead Iranian General. This move scared the living daylights out of most of the Iranian leadership and showed everyone in the Middle East that if they want to be on the side of Iran, they are endangering themselves. Moreover, it proved to the more moderate Arab countries that the United States does not just talk – it takes action . Donald Trump has a big mouth, but he is a doer – not just a talker.

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