Watch Dennis Prager Nail it on Leftist Insanity

by Phil Schneider

Hate speech is now termed the #1 most dangerous thing in the mind of so many young people. One does not need to be a Rabbi or a Priest to understand that without a basic belief in an absolute G-d, there is no way that anyone can reach any form of a logical conclusion about the new absurdities of today’s day and age,

“A man cannot give birth.” “A man cannot be a lesbian.” “A woman or a man cannot change their gender.” Are these really examples of hate speech? Or are these accurate portrayals of reality?

Prager argues that the left lives a chaotic life and is promoting chaos, while the right lives an orderly life and is promoting order. Is this also hate speech? What exactly is not hate speech anymore?

A return to normalcy is desperately needed. But even more than that is truly needed. A boomerang is vital as things are so out of whack. Before that happens, people first need to understand how off things are. We are still not there yet. But, if the world has any hope, a boomerang must happen. Or else, chaos will win.

Dennis Prager more in Depth on the Issue

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