This Beautiful Song Went Straight Up to Heaven 

by Leah Rosenberg

Some songs have a prayer written within them. This is one of those songs, and it’s absolutely stunning. Let’s call out to G-d together!

A Beautiful Prayer Within a Song

Music has so much meaning to it. And when people use it in the right way and sing about holy things, the result is inspiring and powerful. Music is an important part of Judaism. King David wrote an entire book using the beauty of song – the Book of Psalms. Song is a way to connect with G-d. It can be used as prayer. It IS prayer. So much of Judaism is built around song. It’s truly such a beautiful and special thing.

And that’s what this song is. These women wanted to connect to G-d and to help others connect to G-d. They wanted to call out to G-d in prayer.

If music is used for the good, it can uplift the soul. It can reach even those who are distant from G-d. It can help us focus on what’s important in life.

Not everyone has the unique talent of finding the words and melodies to create a song. That’s why we leave that part to musicians! They have the ability to find the words that sometimes we cannot find ourselves. And then we can find the musicians we relate to and elevate ourselves through their music.

May we all use music to become closer to G-d and to bring the final redemption closer. May Mashiach come speedily in our days!

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