Watch Bibi Netanyahu Lay Out What Needs to be Done with Iran

by Leah Rosenberg

“You don’t want Ayatollahs with nuclear weapons.” Yes, it is that simple. But, it seems like Benjamin Netanyahu, and others in the State of Israel are the only ones who seem to realize this seemingly obvious point. However, what is going on now under the Biden administration is pure folly by allowing the Iranian regime to rearm and threaten the entire Middle East.

One can rightfully think that Richard Nixon made a horrible mistake in the Watergate break-in and still think that Nixon was effective in executing foreign policy decisions that both brought the world to a more peaceful situation than the one he had inherited. Similarly, one can be abhorred by some of Donald Trump’s actions and words, but still understand that the Abraham Accords were a huge step in the right direction to bring peace to the Middle East.

The Abraham Accords opened the door for country after country to move closer to the West in terms of economic cooperation. This cannot be overestimated. It not only opened up the possibility of true cooperation between Israel and Arab countries that had not existed previously. The accords marginalized the Iranian regime by unifying all of the countries that feel threatened by Iran – Jewish and Arab. It was a masterstroke of diplomacy – even if it was largely engineered by Jared Kushner, a relative novice in diplomacy who would never have received the job had he not been married into President Trump’s family.

Benjamin Netanyahu may be a political foe of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. But when it comes to Iran, Netanyahu cares less about internal Israeli politics and more about the subject matter at hand. The common denominator of Netanyahu’s years in political leadership were his continual focus on doing everything to disable, stall, and even decapitate Iran’s rush to build a nuclear weapons arsenal. If he will stand up and urge Israel and America to act now, this will help deter the Iranian threat for yet another few years. In the last few decades, Netanyahu has emerged as the world leader in confronting the Ayatollah and insuring relative stability in the Middle East.

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